About Me

I’m Casi. I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember. I’m married and a full time mom of 3.

Aside from taking pictures and all that is photography, I love DIY crafts, learning new technology, reading, coffee and chocolate.

I love most things warm besides the weather. Fall and spring are just beyond exciting, especially for pictures. I love the beauty in life, the close up and the far away. I creep in close during sessions and wander off to catch it all from afar. Every moment with our kids is fleeting, every funny face, giggle, smile, scowl, all of it. I do some posing if needed but I also love catching at least a few unplanned moments.

I work best in intimate settings with smaller groups or 1 on 1. My ultimate goal in every session is for my families to feel relaxed and comfortable. This is your time together, or your child at a special age, I’m just there to capture it for you. It’s normal to feel a little awkward with a camera pointed straight at you. I’m probably more awkward in front of the camera than all of my clients. Seriously! For this reason I like to encourage all of my clients to allow me to work alone with those being photographed for the most relaxing atmosphere so they can each be the most authentic version of themselves.